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Our Classes
Kids get a lot of experience learning to follow directions. They have many more opportunities on a daily basis to practice recalling information and executing commands than they do to create and problem-solve. That's why Blairsville Dance Project utilizes a collaborative classroom environment. 

Yes, each class is run by a qualified instructor and has a curriculum that focuses on building specific dance skills, and we have plenty of trophies to prove the success of our program. You won't, however, find the stereotypical dance instruction here. 

No body shame, no judgment and no belittling. Just a group of instructors dedicated to building up our students while pushing them to achieve their personal best both in and out of the classroom. 

How does this look in a classroom environment? While you will see the usual dance activities such as stretching, across the floor and center work and choreography, you will also see opportunities to combine fun and learning. Dancers are encouraged to come up with creative new ideas. Whether that be an idea for prop or choreography element in their dance or a routine they made up at home that they want to show us on break, all dancers are heard and encouraged to share. For an older student with confidence issues, we may ask them teach the class a section of choreography that the instructor wrote or help out a struggling student with a dance. The exercises are different but the motivation is the same. Paying attention to each child and determining what they need to push themselves to achieve more in dance and in life. 

Class Options:

Class Descriptions by Age Level (Preschool Dance, Ages 4 and up, Ages 7 and up and Ages 10 and up

Private Lessons
Whether you are preparing for a wedding or cruise, or just want to gain the skills necessary to further your dance skills, private lessons can provide the instruction you need to reach your goals.
$30/half hour or $55/hour